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      AvatarCMDR Mutantrex
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      Lose an interdiction on a CMDR  – 1 Drink

      Kill a CMDR – 1 drink

      Accidentally mash into & kill fellow Angeli – Whole vessel

      Get killed by CMDR – 1 Drink

      Kill same CMDR 3 times in one session – Whole vessel

      Kill CMDR’s ship leaving him stranded on planet in SRV – All have 1 drink

      Lose shields hitting mailslot – 1 Drink

      Lose ship hitting station – Whole Vessel

      Encouraging @Sketchy – 1 Drink

      Getting @mutantrex2 to blow – All have 1 Drink

      Run out of fuel – Whole Vessel

      Death by Asteroid – Whole vessel (If you’re  @Damorgs All have whole vessel)

      Get your own reddit hate thread – Everyone Whole Vessel

      15 mins past the hour – 1 Drink

      Get caught by fellow Angeli with cargo in your hold – 1 Drink per Tonne

      Turn up at Rhea/Nanomam without an interdictor – 1 Drink

      Purchase a Federal Ship – Whole Vessel

      Get into already owned Federal Ship – 1 Drink

      Buying something you sell before leaving the Station – 1 Drink

      Having a Docking Computer – Whole Vessel

      Referring to oneself in the third person – 1 Drink

      Talking while having yourself Muted – 1 Drink

      Compliment a Federal Ship – 1 Drink

      Eat something during the game – Whole Vessel

      Bring Federal Ship into Imperial Space – 1 Drink

      Blow up Imperial ship with Federal Ship – 1 Drink

      Hauling Imperial slaves in Federal Ship – Everyone else 1 Drink

      Show up in an unarmed Ship – 1 Drink

      Master of Chunks

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      LOL, nice. But I still prefer the classic rules:

      Free hand – 1 drink

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      AvatarCMDR Mutantrex
      Rank: Triarii

      That rule is implied from the start. Lol

      Master of Chunks

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