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      Found this vastly helpful, I wont spam the forum with duplicate information and i’ll link it here instead.



      Is great, my only issue with it is playing in borderless window mode rather than Full screen causes me some issues on my 1440p main monitor because of my secondary 1080p monitor.

      but it is easy to use and effortless, and it’s nice to have the exploration log tools built in as well.


      I switched to EDDB for a while and then finally settled on commanders log

      its incredibly handy especially lately when after 1.4 there was an exploration bug, i lost approx 11400 scanned systems, i got a credit for them but only because i had the log files to back it up, i did however not get credited my rank that i would have got, but that’s why i am taking a little longer in the black to make those scans back only for the rank grind.

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