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      Greetings Battle Brothers and Sisters,

      This is Baron von Schnellenstein, your duly appointed Chief Logistics Officer speaking.  In this post (which I’ll try to get turned into a sticky), I’ll outline my general plans for how we can organise trade runs/wings in-game as well as what information I intend to present on this site and in these forums.  Most of these will end up with their own threads or sub-forums:

      * “Strategic” Trading: When we are trying to trade into a target station to gain influence, I will list what the suggested best trades are and connecting ports, along with “break” points (e.g. switch to commodity “B” when sell price falls below “Y”)

      * Wangal Trade Routes / Organisation: I’d like to see us efficiently “farm” the trade routes in Wangal and its immediate surrounds so that:

      • We leave a couple of profitable runs open in Wangal for “new” members and those with small ships (e.g. up to Cobra, or Asp/T6 <=60T) so these members can trade “close” to home
      • We don’t stomp all over each other with routes that intersect popular stations with limited supply/demand
      • We can designate routes that will sustain “Wing” trading

      To this end, I’ll list some suggested routes in/around Wangal, along with most profitable trades and breakpoints

      Unless there’s a web-based E:D trade tool that supports password protection, I’ll probably post a link to a GoogleDoc spreadsheet so we can have relevant information in easily maintainable, tabular format.

      * Use of TeamSpeak / Who’s currently actively trading and where:  At some stage, I’d like us to use the Trade Wings in TeamSpeak as a means of flagging who’s in a particular ‘designated’ route – This way, we can choose to team up for wing trading, or pick an alternate route and mark that in the chat space for another trade wing

      * Rares Expeditions: A couple of members have already made open invites on the FD forum to wing up for rares runs.  Again, this is something I’d like to see more of (particularly for the folk with smaller ships).  I will start another thread for rares trading with some suggestions on how a Wing rares expedition might be run.  One piece of research I will embark on soon is a route (both rares and standard commodities) From Wangal to nearest efficient rares circuit and back – this may, maximum coin can be made for the journey

      Oi! That's Baron von Schnellenstein to you, mate. No, it doesn't matter that I'm an Imperial Prince!
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      Sticky into the trading forum.

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      traaaaaaaaaaading whoooooooo

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