Upgrading at Ixbakald? Don't go with empty cargo bay!

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      I’ve been visiting Ixbakald for upgrades a couple of times and realized it was stupid going there without bringing any cargo. This is how you earn some extra credits while upgrading:

      Wangal (Reed Port) is the most popular station in Wangal when it comes to trading so let’s start here with buying Gold. Jump to Ixbakald (Hanke-Woods Orbital), sell the Gold and get your upgrades (or downgrades). If going straight back to Wangal the best trade is Consumer Technology, but that’s only like 300 credits. Better than nothing if in a hurry, but there is better trades. Buy instead Progenitor Cells and fly to Niu Lang O (Hirasawa Station), sell the cells and buy Imperial Slaves. Go back to Wangal (Reed Port) and sell.

      In short:

      Wangal (Reed Port): Buy Gold

      Ixbakald (Hanke-Woods Orbital): Sell Gold. Buy Progenitor Cells

      Niu Lang O (Hirasawa Station): Sell Progenitor Cells. Buy Imperial Slaves

      Wangal (Reed Port): Sell Imperial Slaves

      Profit: 2800-3000 credits/ton.


      -CMDR Evil Ed-

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      SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
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      Nice work.  From memory Beryllium is also good from Reed to Hanke-Woods

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