• Gio posted an update 2 years ago

    Hey guys sotry if this is a dumb question new to the game. I was helping DaMorgs in a res site trying to take over a system and accidentally fired on a friendly angeli imperial npc they ended up killing me. My question is now I have a bounty on my head from them and I can’t seem to get rid of it the bounty has a 6 day timer on it and is dorment. Is there any way to get rid of this or do I have to wait the timer out ?

    • You just have to wait it out, unfortunately.

    • Gio replied 2 years ago

      Thanks that is unfortunate

    • You can Grab a sidey in that system and … well die/be killed by the local fuzz.

    • True that, there is always the suicidewinder.

    • Gio replied 2 years ago

      Does that work even if the bounty is dormant ? I did the suicidewinder thing and it’s still there

    • Enmei replied 2 years ago

      Do you still get attacked if it is dormant?

    • From the wiki : If a dormant bounty is not detected within seven days then it is removed and becomes a legacy fine.

      So I guess wait it out if see if it changes

    • Enmei replied 2 years ago

      I think, but I am probably wrong, but if it’s dormant then you should be fine as long as they don’t scan you.