Numerous “Unknown” Ship Crash sties found

Numerous “Unknown” Ship Crash sties found

The Galaxy was a buzz when, following the clues provided by Logan Cohl, and his crew, which they obtained an Emperor’s ransom for in goods demanded,  CMDRs Nochtrach  BALALAIKAX3 & Ihazevich, located the wreckage of a ship of unknown origin and configuration at

Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4
Body 9A


Now two more crash sites of ships of similar design and configuration have been discovered,

Cmdr Deneb located a new site at
HIP 17862
Body 6 C A


And Cmdr Basch Fon Ronsenburg, more commonly known by his call sign xDeath, located a third crash at

HIP 17403
Body A 4 A


Our own Cmdr DaMorgs was part of the many expeditions our to the crash sites and noted that there were Unknown Artefacts scattered about the site.
speculation is running wild, are the mysterious ships the sources of the Unknown Artefacts, or did they fall foul of their corrosive effect when they were collected for study, like so many ships have done before.
On a final more grim not, the last site the mysterious ship was found amoung debris of an Anaconda and a pair of Type 9s.
The Anaconda and Lakons has battle damage but the mysterious ship bears no apparent signs of weapon damage, and that the concentrated debris field suggests the vessel was still intact when it hit the planet’s surface.
What this space, as the so-called “UA Sphere” of space will have more secrets to be uncovered yet.

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    Interesting stuff. I’ll have to get on for a look. Thanks for the info. Galactic spell checker on the blink again? 🙂

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