After a week of preparation, Senator Patreus’ forces have arrived to the system and are now assuming control of security.  Argon Armrend, from ‘Angeli Imperial’ has stated – “we have felt the need to form an alliance with Senator Patreus during these uncertain times.  He was one of the key founders of the Angeli and we need assistance with security in the face of the many threats we face at the moment from different factions, both Imperial and from other parts of the galaxy”

Opposition has sprouted across the system.  There have been reports of many casualties in several clashes, when asked about this, Argon replied  – “we cannot allow people to undermine our goals, we are working for a better Wangal, a better Empire! Dissent will be dealt with quickly and harshly, we have dispatched our ‘Angels of Death’, as well as Patreus’ forces to the area and they have permission to open fire if required. We feel the people revolting are saboteurs from other factions trying to stop our progress after seeing the success we have achieved in such a short time.”