Brothers! I am either losing my mind or bringing concerning tidings.

Curiousity got the better of me and i dropped out of SC way closer to a blackhole then what should be safe. That’s when the strange noises started.

First it sounded like standard distortion and ambience picked up by my instruments, but after turning everything off except for life support i started hearing weird insectoid… clicks…
And what sounded like systems and engine noises akin, yet alien to our own technology.

Call me crazy, but maybe the myths of “Thargoids” are more grounded in reality then we think!

For those of you interested I managed to catch a recording of my findings around a black hole:

After I’ve dropped out of SC in the video, you may have to crank up the volume a bit to hear the finer detail, but you can clearly hear all my weird experiences!

Ominous indeed

As the Angeli proceed with the expansion of Wangal Energy Partners into the partnering system of Shongastyak, the Empire has answered the call for assistance in the campaign and sent two of its Majestic Class Interdictors into the Area


INV Trasken Duval


INV Anders Blaine

Majestic Class Interdictor “Anders Blaine” – In battle @ Shongastyak

The overwhelming show of force has been too much for the locals, and are now  all but defeated.

Hail the Empire!!


As you all know i currently have the priviledge of undertaking the Imperial Pilgrimage (Achenar -> Sag A* -> Achenar)

I will be sharing random sights through this forum and my album on imgur.

I am close to the Lagoon Nebula now, having passed through some amazing Systems.
4 Neutron stars and a black hole, all in the same system was a sight to behold.

Thor’s Eye is another worthwhile visit if you want to go exploring.

I Should make it to the Lagoon Nebula tonight, then set my sights towards the center.
Still got a long trot ahead of me, but there’s a beautiful universe out here to be seen!