Ancient Site discovered in Synuefe xr-h d11-102

Ancient Site discovered in Synuefe xr-h d11-102

Intrepid Commander Basch Fon Ronsenburg discovered yet another site of Galactic interest when a site of unknown origins and ages was discovered on the second moon of a Brown Dwarf orbiting the main start of the Synuefe xr-h d11-102 system.




Located at Synuefe xr-h d11-102, Planet 1 B  -31.7877  -128.9711

This site resembles the old Bronze age hill forts of old Earth, and still has active Data systems housed on Obelisks located about the site.

There are also various still active Beacon like structures and artefacts for of unknown function and use.
The Canonn Research Institute is learning the research into their meaning and function, but other factions have sent their own expeditions and it is only a matter of time before the Super Powers get involved


The Angeli Imperial dispatched several ships to conduct a reconnoitre of the site, and Argon Armrend , in Nelder City, Wangal, was presented with an example of each an Ancient Relic, Urn, Orb, Casket, Tablet and Totem found at the site.

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