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AvatarDan Dority
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Blue of course. The colour of our glorious Empire!

But I have always liked that shade of green, has that classic sports car feel to it. Jags in space.

Red just makes me think of a balding pilot just circling around the entrance to Dawes Hub in his red Clipper, hoping to catch the eye of a young socialite passing in the first class section of an Orca on a day-cruise or something.

And who are the trolls voting for orange or yellow? Or is it an OHS thing in some stations now perhaps…

[EDIT: LOL! As I typed this I went and had a look at the store. Paint jobs in present-day national flag colours? This is so silly. Finland maybe gets a pass (thought it was Scotland at first, probably is meant to be but politics). I can laugh at it but at the same time it kind of (no, totally) would kill my immersion to see one of these in combat. Lucky no one ever gets a good look at a Viper anyhow I suppose. Just imagine a Stars ‘n’ Stripes Anaconda though.

So silly.