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AvatarDan Dority
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Yeah I’m pumped for this update as well, hopefully in throws a whole warehouse full of spanners into the cogs of colonised space. Giving a more agency (but not too much) to the player-base to change the course of the storyline can’t be a bad thing in my opinion.

I’m interested to see what the new mission system feels like, as being a lowly Knight I have a bit of rank grinding ahead of me still.

Galnet from the ship-computer is a nice little addition too, currently being about 5,000 ly from Achenar you can naturally feel a little cut-off (there’s the website I know, but…). Them must be some large antennas their putting up if they think their going to be reaching hundreds of thousands of light years to the far side of the galaxy. Hey! Maybe this is the move that alerts the Thargoids to our presence…