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AvatarDan Dority
Angel of DiscoveryCenturion
Rank: Triarii

Love the look of the new badges Ping. They look both beautiful, stately and deadly.And “Angel of Discovery” is a great choice of title for the explorers amongst us.

On another topic, I know we have have a forum here, ” Angeli Imperial Organization” for Centurion rank and above only, the inner sanctum. Now I rightly do not have access to this forum, but I can always manage to view the latest post made when my account is logged in:

By clicking on the “1 day ago” link I can read that post and that post only it would seem, I can’t access to rest of the sub-forum which is a good thing. You may be aware of this issue, just thought I’d bring it up. Finally, when I am not logged in the forum is not visible at all, assuming intentional and working as desired.

For the Empire.

[edit]: image upload

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