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Rank: Triarii

Nicely done! I love a good bit of bling.

Although a I have a quick thought on the names of our ranks because I read too much and am mildly obsessed with grammar (history lesson incoming!). Namely that they’re all military ranks except for the Senator, which was a political class (as opposed to a social class) in Roman history, and the Foedorati, more commonly referred to as the Socii, which were the allied, but specifically non-roman tribes such as the Sabines and Veneti.

Because I’m a massive grammar nazi I’ve also noticed that they’re all plural except the Seantor, the plural for which would be Senatoris.

If I were to suggest ranks based on Roman class structure I would probably suggest the following:


Barbaros – This is a Greek word Romans used to describe literally everyone who wasn’t Greek or Roman. It means the opposite of citizen and it’s where we get the word ‘barbarian’ from. Basically there wasn’t anything lower than this according to the Romans, and they most definitely wouldn’t have been allowed inside the city gates to see all the Romans secret trade forums and whatnot.

Foedoratus – As above. These guys weren’t Roman (until the 1st century BC) but they were at least Italic and/or Greek which makes them better than anyone other than the Romans.

Proletarius – The lowest class or Romans. They basically had no property and were measured on the census based on their kids. The word basically means ‘guy who has kids’. Until the Marian reforms these guys weren’t even important enough to fight in the army. But they were Roman so they were clearly inherently better than the other two classes.

Eques – The lower of the two aristocratic classes. Literally means ‘horse-rider’ as the lower classes were not allowed to ride inside the city walls, not that many of them would ever have been able to buy a horse anywho.

Patricius – The higher of the two aristocratic classes. Comes from the Greek word for ‘father’ and they viewed themselves as the fathers of the nation. These guys were a big deal. They knocked off at midday to bathe and eat and got the best seats at the Colosseum and the theatres. The patrician class were the elite few who ruled over the people of Rome, held basically all the money and power, and whose ruthless ambition led to literally hundreds of years of civil wars.

</ my 2c>


*careful checking will most undoubtedly show that I have got something wrong in this post but it’s been a long time since I last studied Rome!


TL,DR: I read too much shit about people who died two millennia ago.



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