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I only just had this same issue, while going back to LHS 3447 to sell a stored ship, about 3 days ago.
There were about 5-6 players in the system and it slowed my frame rate down drastically, although I didn’t check it to give you an exact figure.
It is the first time it has been an issue, and while I’m not running a beast, here are my stats:
Win 7 64bit Ult
Intel i7-2600 3.4ghz
AMD Radeon HD 5700, due for an upgrade
I also run the operating system and ED on an SSD.
I’d call my connection…temperamental. 1233 kB/s (9.86Mpbs) while it is acting as it should, to 27.5 kB/s when a neighbour’s tree blows in the way of the radio signal.

If we get enough data here, we hopefully can see a link. Or nothing. What ever 🙂

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