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Rank: Foederati

The Faulcon DeLacy Sidewinder Mk.I
319 years and still going strong

Most pilots start their careers in the Sidewinder. It is a classic ship design that has been in use (in various configurations) since 2982. Its original design was a light support ship and it lacked jump capability. Modern compact drives have enabled jump-capable versions to be created, making this a useful all rounder. Some navies still use these ships as fighters and patrol craft.

I noticed a lack of Sidewinder thread here and so felt the sturdy old Sidewinder could do with a thread of her own, that doesn’t call her a “Starter ship”

The Sidewinder has Served me will from the first days of the Premium Beta, through the Eranin Federation war, and even my first expedition out to the Pleiades Nebula before was any route planner let long one that plots the whole route out there for you in 3 seconds telling you the 26 easy jumps to make.

Even now I still favour the Sidewinder over the larger ships, the handling is second nature, the flexibility and utility to my play style are superb.
With the Combination of a Fixed & Turreted Beam Laser she can keep a poniard of hostility right in the face or power-plant of the enemy no matter which way either of you turn, and she has held her own Bounty hunting, in military action in conflict zones, solo or in a Wing.
She may not be the top at anything but when she gives all she has it can be enough in so many and varied situations and mission roles.

I present The Kererū

S: 1F/T Beam Laser
S: 1E/F Beam Laser
U: 0C Cargo Scanner
U: 0C Frame Shift Wake Scanner

BH: 1I Military Grade Composite
RB: 2A Power Plant
TM: 2A Thrusters
FH: 2A Frame Shift Drive
EC: 1A Life Support
PC: 1A Power Distributor
SS: 1A Sensors
FS: 1C Fuel Tank (Capacity: 2)

2: 2A Shield Generator
2: 2E Cargo Rack (Capacity: 4)
1: 1A Fuel Scoop

Shield: 68.00 MJ
Power : 7.88 MW retracted (82%)
10.80 MW deployed (113%)
9.60 MW available
Cargo : 4 T
Fuel : 2 T
Mass : 48.3 T empty
54.3 T full
Range : 15.50 LY unladen
14.35 LY laden
Price : 1,662,436 CR
Re-Buy: 83,122 CR @ 95% insurance