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AvatarDan Dority
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Yeah, sadly I didn’t find anything of interest in the neutron system inside its own nebula (NGC 4463 SECTOR RY-R E4-5 for anyone interested).

After buying the book on Kindle and reading the relevant quotes, I do believe the old veteran woman was talking about the edge of the galaxy and not just the galactic arm that colonised space sits in. So perhaps the original destination was correct after all, or perhaps you need to reverse the systems she mentions and head in the opposite direction…

It’s funny with the “Unidentified Objects” turning up in Federation convoys at the moment that people seem to think this mystery is solved (as fascinating as these objects are, perhaps the audio they emit holds a clue to a location in the galaxy somewhere?). But they aren’t being found in “deep space” as mentioned in the AMA, so something is definitely still out there waiting to be found, just so many systems…

Must search for more clues.