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Welcome aboard – hope to see you in space some time. Hey, to be brutally honest if you’re looking at spending that sort of money, I would put it into a viper. Your survivability will be higher, and you’ll be able to run the equipment better. And vipers are serious fun. The priority order that you’re giving here would have your guns disabled in preference to your KWS and sensors… I can’t comment much on Eagles, as I sold my freeagle very early on, to generate capital for trading.

Thanks for the welcome. Is it viable to go straight to wangal in a stock sidey with 7ly jump range? If it is I’ll likely trade my way over there (or maybe even just sell the cargo racks and scanner for insurance money if I’m being daring lol) right away.

a) it’s my intent to fly an eagle not a viper. My only real complain if anything is the speed, despite being a light fighter they’re actually SLOOOOWWWWW for a combat ship which can potentially cause problems in PVP since faster and more durable ships can force a joust which is BAD (but I gather that the AI isn’t smart enough to do it, so there’s that I guess).

Notably cobra and viper especially while boosting are the real issues, with clipper and orca as honourable mentions due to high non-boost speed. If it becomes enough of an issue to prevent my enjoyment then yes, I will be switching to a viper.

b)  Actually it’s not “disabling guns in favour of KWS and sensors” with hardpoints retracted I can run everything bar cargo hatch, with hardpoints deployed I can run either lasers + KWS or railgun by itself, with hatch, FSD, and interdictor disabled. Since the railgun isn’t online 24/7, only onlined/offlined when I want it probably via AHK macro, it goes on a higher power priority so that onlining it overrides lasers and KWS.

To go into a little more detail, priority 1 and 2 is in case I take battle damage that reduces my power output I don’t suddenly lose shields or something. Priority 3 is so that when I online my railgun it will override lasers and KWS. Priority 3-5 is so that deploying hardpoints will override FSD and interdictor. Contemplating moving SCB to prio 2 to give more free power to thrusters distributor and shields in case of power loss.

Really I wish there was more than 5 settings, then I could make it like this:
Equipment                                   Priority

  • 2x 1F Fixed Pulse Laser                  6
  • 1x 1D Railgun                                    5
  • 1x 0E Kill Warrant Scanner             7
  • 1x 3A Thrusters                                 1
  • 1x 3A Frame Shift Drive                  8
  • 1x 1A Life Support                            4
  • 1x 2A Power Distributor                  3
  • 1x 2C Sensors                                   4
  • 1x 3A Shield Generator                    2
  • 1x 2B Shield Cell Bank                     3
  • 1x 1A FSD Interdictor                      8
  • 1x H1 Cargo Hatch                           OFF


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