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Welcome aboard.  Great Enthusiasm

Someone made it down here the other week with a D Class FSD in a Sidey and a 1D Fuel Scoop. (Might have to sell the weapons to lose weight.)

Suppose it depends on your start area, but this should be possible.


As for the Eagle, in many ways it doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as it works for you and you’re having fun flying it.

That said, if you want to read them, he’s a few ideas from me.

Firstly my build:

[Eagle]                                                Priority
S: 1F/G Pulse Laser                               2
S: 1E/F Beam Laser                              2
S: 1E/G Cannon                                     2
U: 0C Kill Warrant Scanner                3
BH: 1I Lightweight Alloy
RB: 2A Power Plant                              1
TM: 3A Thrusters                                 1
FH: 3A Frame Shift Drive                   4
EC: 1E Life Support                              2
PC: 2A Power Distributor                   1
SS: 2D Sensors                                      1
FS: 2C Fuel Tank (Capacity: 4)
3: 3A Shield Generator                        1
2: 1B Shield Cell Bank                          1 Turned Off
1: 1A Fuel Scoop                                    4

Cargo hatch                                           4

Fire Groups            1                        2                        3

Gim Pulse 1        Gim Pulse 1         Gim Pulse 1

KWS 2          Fixed Beam 2   Gim Cannon 2

To compare it to yours:

I’d take a cannon over the railgun because it too hits above its weight but has a larger ammo count, and uses less power so I can fit the Beam.

I normally always use D grade Life Support and Sensors to reduce weight and power use, but unfortunately had to go right down to E grade Life Support here. Still time to get back to a station.  If you’re in a system where the station is a long way away, plan an escape route to a nearby system.

I’ve used a smaller SCB, which when turned on disables the KW scanner, but it still delivers over 50% charge to my shields.

Obviously the Fuel Scoop and even the SCB can be swapped out for interdictors, cargo etc as needed.


As far as PvP goes the Eagle is easy prey for every other combat ship and most of the Multi-roles as well.

That said, you won’t have to fly alone, an Eagle as a wingman is always welcome and this is when that railgun will come into it’s own.  As our enemies are attacking the bigger threats you can be disabling their drives.

All said, go with what you think will suit you.


Remember to jump on TS or add us as friends from the game menu before you set off on your trip down here.  That way if you run into trouble or have urgent questions, one of us may be able to help you out.