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Interesting stuff.

I’m currently reading Micheal Brookes book, hes not the best authour in the world.. I think his brief to write a companion novel got to him a little as at times it feels too much like a computer game manual rather than a story as he goes too deep into explaining how things work in detail.

However its a very good book for namedropping all the ships that will be in game although in fairness most of them have already been confirmed even if we haven’t seen them (Panther Clipper/Imperial Cutter etc)

Of course his system is also in game and only 80LY from Wangal.


More interesting on the Alien front are Kate Russels book Mostly Harmless and T. James book Out of the darkness as both deal with Thargoids.

Kate Russels book ends with a search for a thargoid artifact on a planet and T. James book is more or less about a human thargoid collaboration (featuring hundreds of thargoid ships and human/thargoid ground combat)

I think all the locations are in game but i read the books in Beta when there was a bubble and in a previous version of the galaxy so stuff has probably moved. Possibly those could give ideas especially T. James book that actually includes the full Thargoid confrontation.