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AvatarCMDR OJ191
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To be honest though don’t overthink it too much, there is no optimal way to get to Wangal and seeing as you’ve not played in the full world yet take your time and have fun. It will take you a while to get used to everything even after playing all the tutorials, so just explore the game and have fun even if its in the systems local to your start. You can always reset you game if it goes a bit funny and start again, it was quite a common thing to do for most of us.

yeah but getting to wangal right at the start means I don’t have to fuck around with it later when I really want to be messing around trying things in combat 😛

but if everything counts as loaned then I think I’ll just grind for this:,5QG5QG,2-3w5U5K2M3w3w3c,7QE02M2Uc

Also I derped and realised I was leaving the start point for EDShipyard route planner on sol even though you don’t start in sol… still min jump distance to be able to route to wangal SHOULD be the same just the amount of jumps will differ.

edit: googled starter systems and seems to be 31-35 jumps to wangal from wherever