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AvatarCMDR OJ191
Rank: Principes

Keep the basic discovery scanner and sell the shields and fit a fuel scoop 1E Wangal-or-Bust-winder Use the Economic route setting, Aim for Kappa Fornacis It WILL take a lot of jumps, but ping and scan as you go, adjust your route when you pass the unscoopable belt, and dock if you need to refuel and there wont be scoopables with out a big side track Basic Video on route planning <span class=”embed-youtube” style=”text-align: center; display: block;”>[youtube</span&gt; At Kappa Fornacis stop at Harvest Port in orbit of Panem and sell your discovery data, this will get you enough for a Better Frame shift drive. Also buy 4 tonnes of Onion Head. Then Plot an Economic route to Wangal, scanning as you go, even if just the main star. From the sales of the Data and Onionhead inWangal, you should be able to get an Eagle, and start outfitting it to you Dream craft.

Moritasgus said everything on it counts as loaned :C

Does it? I’m guessing it does since you don’t actually upgrade anything in that build just drop weight.

Thanks for the tips and video, though I was considering grinding an el cheapo eagle near spawn hadn’t decided either way.

How long to get 70k from res/nav in a freewinder you reckon? That would give me,5QG5QG,2-3w5U5K2M3w3w3c,7QE4yQ2Uc + 4 insurance in case I manage to fuck up drastically somehow on the way, or for usage after I get there for fighting.

Anyway the main upside being of course that I can practice combat and if I screw up I can just take the freewinder again 😀