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AvatarCMDR OJ191
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No, just the one character with the one save. You can make it out there if your prepared to put aside a few weeks of playtime at a minimum to it, depends on how fast you take it (the record, one way, is 9 1/2 hours). Once your out about 400ly from colonised space it’s just you and the stars, no npc pirates, no signal signatures, just a few hundred pilots going there own way, probably a one in a million chance of bumping into another player. Pixel_Ferret is on his way out there now, and maybe someone else from AI. I think I’ll make the journey someday.

Maybe one day just to say I’ve been there, but overall I probably won’t do any long range exploring until thargoids or what have you gets added in to spice things up a little 😛

ie more like (extremely) long range recon than pure exploring I guess.