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Quick one, always looking for a good read. Currently (re)reading a biography about Mao, by Jung Chang. Once I’ve finished that I’ll be stealing back from the in laws a book about the fight for Stalingrad, strangely enough called Stalingrad, by Anthony Beevor (?I think that’s his name?). Any suggestions out there from other Angelis?

  • David Weber (esp. honorverse)
  • David Drake (esp. RCN series)
  • [John G Hemry writing as] Jack Campbell
  • Elizabeth Moon (esp. Vatta’s War)
  • Jack McDevitt (esp. both his series, havn’t really read his standalone novels)
  • Clive Cussler
  • [Jim Grant writing as] Lee Child

Off the top of my head

If you want non-fiction I can’t help 😉


edit: Higurashi when they cry, fate stay night, steins gate, umineko when they cry, saya no uta; if you’re into visual novels.