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I agree with both of you.  We do need to try and keep these good trade areas to ourselves.  But as Baron says, we don’t need attention if we can’t yet handle it.

Priorities should be getting well equipped and well trained before we start flexing our muscles so to speak.  While I understand that there are those of you who enjoy PvP, one of the reasons for being a bit further out was to keep it relatively safe for those of us who don’t.

Davo, you’re already building a little PvP environment with your ‘practice’ fights.  You’ll know when we are ready, I just want to know that it’s not a handful of you, but enough for 3 or 4 wings should it be required.

Baron, as the resident trade guru, in the meantime, continue what you are doing so we don’t need to be too concerned about outside interference as we will have plenty of ‘fishing holes’.  Once we have enough of those Davo should have a small navy to deal with any ‘trespassers’.

Now, somebody pass me another bottle of that Lavian Brandy.