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AvatarI am the Lexx
Rank: Foederati

Oh wow,

I purchased an Eagle and equipped it with x2 pulse lasers. Took off from the station and headed out into space to hunt those who have broken the law. Long story short, found some dude and pulled out the puppies to start blasting and I lost all power. The dude messed me up good while I tried to figure out what was happening.

Stared again, paid my insurance and bought a bigger engine. Headed off to bring justice to those in need. Found some wanted guy and got into a scrim. He kept jumping away. It would take me another 10 minutes to find. It looked like I may have been able to scan his frame shift drive smoke, but didn’t know how.

Managed to bump into him again, same guy, scrimmed it up again and he jump away again. I limped back to the nearest station.

Any suggestions about what I’m doing wrong or how to scan the FSD wake?