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I had no idea there was a 12 Monkeys television series. Loved the movie so I think I’ll add it to my list. Although The Wire has been on my list for a couple years and I still need to watch Season 3 of House of Cards so it could be a while :).

I just finished the latest season of The Walking Dead. I kind of gave up on the show midway through Season 4. Trying not to give any spoilers, but to me it began to feel a little repetitive. Like the same plot repeating itself over again, just in a different environment, a couple less old characters a couple new ones but basically the same sequence of events with some tweaks here and there. Anyway, I gave it another go from midway through season 4 to the end of 5 and I’m glad that I did. It still hasn’t fully redeemed itself for me but it did get better and I’m also a sucker for anything post-apocalyptic.

Also obligatory Game of Thrones mention. One more sleep till Season 5 is unleashed and I’m pumped! Really excited where there going to take it. From what I read somewhere their going to be deviating from the books even more so should be some nice surprises in store if you’ve read them. Your in for a ride with Season 4 Moritasgus. All I’ll say is there’s some truly epic scenes.

Just for the sake of it I thought I’d mention my top five shows I’ve had the pleasure of watching (in no particular order) in case your looking for something to occupy your mind while grinding a trading route or what not:

Twin Peaks, The West Wing, Freaks & Geeks, The Sopranos, and of course the greatest show of all time, Deadwood (where my CMDR name comes from, although I kind of wish I’d picked “Swedgin!” in hindsight).