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Hi Marcus,

Welcome, ordinarily in these cases I’d come and get you and escort you down, however, I won’t be on today so I can’t.  The best advice I can give you is do a few local missions in the Sidewinder,

  • get enough credits to get a frameshift drive that will give you a jump range of at least 10LY, and a fuel scoop.
  • Sell your weapons to reduce weight.
  • Fly down scooping fuel at every star you can,
  • You may encounter a few you can’t scoop so you’ll need to be as close to full as possible at all times.
  • Make sure you scan every system on the way down, then sell the data when you arrve in Wangal, you should make a few thousand credits doing that.

When you’re on, add a few guys as friends and try and ‘wing’ with them, that way if you get low on fuel, one of them can come and refuel you.  Initial players to add are:

Blain Crighton
Baron von Schnellenstein

At any given time at least one of those should be online.  I’d also suggest, initially at least, fly down in the private group or solo to reduce the risk.

Welcome and good luck, you’ve joined at a very exciting time for us. 🙂