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Welcome aboard


We’ve got a Team Speak server, which allows for better voice comms than provided ingame.  It’s a secure comms platform, but you should have access to the password (under AI Tools in the heading).

Pick up the client from here: Team Speak

When on next, hit any of us up. We’ll help you get to where you need.

I haven’t been up to the starter systems for some time, so wouldn’t mind the trip.

As you’ve found, not all star ports sell equipment – some of the smaller outposts don’t even have commodity markets (including the one that I started from, LOL).

EDIT: Trevick dock? That’s LHS 3447, right?  My old sidewinder’s still up there.  I think I might have started at that dock, too.


And I think the time of your post is relative to Mr Ping – he lives in one of these upside-down countries that have different time zones to everyone else in the world 🙂