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Senator Loren had made some questionable decisions.  Above all, letting his vanity consume him.  I believe Lady Kahina was unfairly treated.  She later proved herself an outstanding example of Imperial tenacity.

Genetics are not everything, but Lady Lavigny is of noble birth herself anyway.  What I am concerned of is that Senator Lavigny-Duval’s possible ascension would compromise the Imperial tradition of positions passed through a family.  Despite her weak attempt to align herself with the Empire’s founding family by the addition to her name, she is not a Duval.  To think herself one simply because of an affair is unthinkable in my opinion.

Yes DaMorgs, I think she could well be a fine administrator of the Empire.  That requires no blood.  But an Empress?  I dare not consider it.

The flip-side of this argument however, questions whether Princess Aisling would do better?  I cannot possibly ignore her popularity (at least until the recent Emperor’s Dawn development) with the people.  But her youth and inexperience may make the esteemed position of Empress more than she could handle.

Unfortunately, I do not know the conditions under which Harold Duval was declared to be unsound.

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