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Whelp. I have no idea anymore. I went to the Oleskiw Stain and I can’t buy ship parts here. Need to find a good space port. I’ll have to try tomorrow.

Hi Mate, welcome to the group,

When I started out in Elite: Dangerous, I too was put in LHS 3447.

There won’t be a lot of missions there intially that you can do, but:

  1. There should be one or two you can do
  2. Doing ‘regular’ trade between stations will increase your standing with the station’s controlling faction, which, will:
    • increase your trade rank, opening up more trade missions generally
    • open up more missions from that faction
  3. I had a little trade triangle between Eravate, LHS 3447 and another system (which I’ve forgotten, but it was ‘up’ from LHS 3447 and toward the galactic rim)
  4. I also ended up basing in Potriti as it was giving me good missions
  5. For equipment, try one of the bigger stations closest to LHS 3447’s sun. Else try surrounding systems. You’ll have better luck at Industrial or High Tech stations. Systems with >100K population tend to carry more/better equipment

Keep plugging away, Elite tends towards ‘old school’ gaming, meaning, there’s a relatively steep learning curve, as DaMorgs alluded to. But keep plugging away, its worth the effort!

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