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happy to bring it back into view.


i understand the money/hour thing .. i do the same … and i keept a lot of records … and it pays off … esp if you are lucky with missions.if you fokus on mining for some time, its a good idea to log off with an full cargo bay and hope for missions. i did some times every day one round … so i had missions at my start and at the end of each tour … this doubled my income, compared to weekend runs where is did mining after mining.


and yea .. its location, location, location. you need a planet with high content .. and than check out what kind of minerals you find … if you find copper and alu … go away 😉


and NEVER mine in extraction fields … always fly to a ring and enter on a position where there is nothing and nobody … because you dont want to deal with pirates.


the ship setup depends greatly on your personal bottleneck … and that depends on your miningstyle. with the transporters, your bottleneck is the shooting on the astro … with a type 6 you will have to fire about 3 full loads, means it takes 3 rechargecycles to complete the mine .. with an ASP it takes 2 and with an python just one.

next thing is collecting .. as it takes with an t6 longer to mine, you need less collecter drones .. you have to balance that … with a t6 2 drones are good .. with a python 6 will be needet to make it work fast.


i dont know aout the yield … with or without … you have about 9 – 11 fragments per astro … but in any way … drones used for prosp makes finding lucrative astros pretty fast .. and because one lucrative astro will bring you about 4 tons of stuff, its ok to waste 3 drones on the way to find that good piece of rock.

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