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This is probably more related to your power plant, I fitted an ASP out last night and, using a medium mining laser, 4 pips to weapons, it had a steady stream what would have taken off 4 bars before the asteroid was completely mined. An 8 bin processor was the largest I could fit, but it worked well. Profitable vs a Hi/HazRez? Nope. Having a good source of missions would help it well.

yea .. powerplant and also energy distribution … in anyway i talk always about all hardpoints with mininglasers. and yes: that means beeing no match for pirates … thats one other thing that speeks for the ASP … it makes quite a run.

and of course its quite rough … i also had the feeling that beeing near an astro also makes it faster … but this might just be an illusion. however .. the thing is that you have to put stuff in the refi all the time while mining … at some point i had some kind of rythm of mining, switching etc … its absolutly different with the phyton: mining and collecting is done in 8-13 seconds.


the nice thing about it: there is no recipe for doing it … its like fighting … you have to use the stuff you can work with in the best way there is …

the thing with the profit is that you are 90% of time absolute out of danger … there is almost nothing you can do that is  saver … if this would bring the same as say bountyhunting … it would be outbalanced, because there, you are in (potential) danger about 90% of the time.

is this save-thing that makes it, from my perspective, quite a nice thing for the middlegame … but boring if you have less and less to fear …

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