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Its funny Aurelius I had figured you were a German because I saw you misspell fokus when it should be focus.  

yea .. to be true … sometimes i make that intentionally … mostly with ‘reaktor’ *hehe*.

(mostly to to underline that i am not a nativespeaker and i so i am forgiven for making stupid errors :D)
the thing is that german and english use a lot of words the same way, because most of them have the same root. (like with deer and tier(=ger: animal)) in the cases of <fokus, reaktor, englisch, korrekt> and so on .. its a bit of a pain to find errors, because your head just switches and thinks its spelled right 😉

its a pain with words that are spelled exactly the same, but mean different things (“ich will” means “i want” and not “i will”)

well .. and i am an engineer … i am good with math, not languages 😀

my in game name is aurelius julian … you should find me in the damorgs group. i am always happy to fly in a wing 🙂


ah, and regarding language … i was just wondering why all of you guys down under could pronounce “schnellenstein” so absolutly perfect in teamspeak … big respect from my side for that!



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