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Just saw the Theory status section, that wasnt there when I last read the wiki.
Only that it is permit locked is confirmed and we can all, check that from home using the Galaxy Map

Theory Status
Significantly high density of permit only systems – CONFIRMED
Verifiable by inspection on galaxy map (see BLEIA Permit Sector Location above), and supporting exploration log by Cmdr Seamus Harper[1]
Higher than usual density of ammonia worlds – UNVERIFIED
“Stuck in hyperspace” occurrences – UNVERIFIED
Possibly refers to server timeouts?
Dot following movements – UNVERIFIED
Possibly refers to graphical artifacts sometimes reported in systems with black holes
Mysterious distant objects and sightings – UNVERIFIED
Unknown Artefact signal sources – NONE FOUND
See exploration section above. No signal sources have been found so far.

The recent activity with the UA made it a place of interest to test the other assertions, but the UA that was taken to Sag A* still pointed back to the Pleiades