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Hello Aurelius,

My goal was set before I even bought the game.  I wanted my very own Clipper.  Later that moved on to an Anaconda which I have since achieved as well.

My advancement has changed quite a bit throughout the time I’ve played the game.  I started out using a mouse (waiting for my HOTAS to be delivered) and I could not wrap my head around quick maneuvering with it which meant I stuck with Bulletin board mission until I got my Viper.  After that I quickly moved over to bounty hunting, this carried me from my Viper, to a Vulture, through my Clipper and a bit beyond.

Once I got my Clipper I started PvP bounty hunting exclusively for more than a month.  This pulled in a lot of cash, but I got spooked when I first lost my Clipper in a close fight with an FDL and the insurance cost was tremendous.  I barely had 100K left after the payment, and some module reductions.  I desperately wanted to keep my wonderful ship, so I moved to trading.

Trading bored me to tears for the most part.  But while trading (usually late at night after work) I started listening to some podcasts again and I found something strangely rewarding about it.  I kept my Clipper but later purchased a T7 and moved from that to a Trading Python.  After that I was able to do some creative module sales and shipyard research to create a trading Anaconda for less than 145M credits.  That ship got me cash very, very fast.

I later purchased a Diamondback Explorer and went on a buckyball run, but after some pirate attacks in Wangal my vacation was cut short and I returned to help defend from some aggressive CMDRs.

I loved exploring, Powerplay (Undermining), PvP and PvE Bounty Hunting.  I find those career field to be very fulfilling but Trading by far got me the most cash the fastest.

To answer your question about what it feels like to have earned an Anaconda?  That one is probably different depending upon who you ask.  I think that the Anaconda give you two unique opportunities;
1) It is a very reliable platform for any activity you want to do.  The Anaconda is similar to the Python (and to a degree the Clipper) in that you can invest many times more money into the ship than the hull is worth.  Giving you a tremendous number of options and possible play time with the ship.
2) I still have never owned an FDL of my own.  This is something I am working towards, and the Anaconda enables me to get there much, much faster than any of the other ships could.  So in some ways, the Anaconda allows me to experience what the other ships have to offer as well, without the time investment it would otherwise require.

Best regards,

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