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My experience really began with bulletin board missions, taking all missions that offered good money. Then it came to hunting wanted pirates, I could get the mission money, plus what they were worth with a KW scan. I went from Sidewinder to Cobra to ASP quickly.

My experience with trading was poor, I didn’t know how to use the galaxy map to find good trade routes and lost money quite consistently.

I sold the ASP and purchased my first Imperial Clipper, as this was my early goal. I got into it far too soon and learnt the hard way to always carry enough credit for a rebuy.
I spent a lot of time at Nav Beacons, KW scanning wanted NPCs and upgrading. My PvP experiences were about as successful as my trading. The speed of the Clipper saved me, many many times. It was like everyone I came across wanted to shoot me down. I had no interest in the conflict and thought we’d all just get along, lol, oh, how I have learnt 🙂

A-grading the Clipper took a while. Found the money in res sites to be awesome. Bought quite a few ships, I didn’t use, sold them, bought the FDL, A-graded it, res sites, res sites, res sites. Converted Clipper to cargo transport, was profitable, but boring.
Sold the Clipper 🙁 Bought an Anaconda and fitted it for 400 ton trading. Good profit, but I found it on par with res site hunting.

Sold Anaconda and A-graded a Python for more res site action. I still take the FDL to res sites, I think it might be better with the outfitting I have, but I’m trying to get better with the Python’s 3 advanced plasma cannons, they rock PvP 🙂

I can sum all this up: There is good money in death.

In the name of the Empire!