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I’ve drifted a lot in what I do in game – mostly coming back to making things go BOOM, however.

I went through the small traders (hauler & the other one that @hazara likes so much), until I had the money for a Cobra.

Made a few bad decisions along the way, and jumped into a Viper to take my revenge.  On everything.

Spent a lot of time mucking around in a Viper, got recommended to come down to Wangal, and spent quite a lot of time shooting things for Wangal Energy Partners.  Not great money at that time, mainly because of my Pilots Federation rank.

Once I got near to the money required for a Vulture, I did some grinding in a T6, again for Wangal Energy Partners.

Once in the Vulture, I stayed there for months, exclusively shooting things (High RES, occasional PVP), building rep & having fun.

Mucked around in a Courier for a while, and decided I wanted, no, needed a larger Gutamaya ship.

After a disastrous night in a T6, bought an Asp and went travelling.

Came back, and bought a Clipper – a bit early as it turned out, so garaged it while I made money on any combat CG I could, to drop into the Clipper.

Used the Clipper for PVP, trading, undermining, and, well, enjoying the game.

We had a few weeks where I was running fortification for Wangal – which was grindy but still made enough money to properly kit out the Clipper.

Currently in an FdL – definitely a bounty hunter’s dream, but I’ll be getting the Clipper back out soon to muck around.

Basically, I think the thing I like with this game, is that if it does feel a bit grindy, there are many other things to do.  Or see.  Or blow up.