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Hi Oman,

OK, a basic rundown for you:

If you want to partake in PowerPlay(PP) just pick an Imperial faction and go with them, most of us are Patreus but don’ really do much as it’s a hard slog for not much reward.  The combat guys will tell yo that it just makes it easier to spot ‘enemies’.  In short personal choice, it’s up to you.

Minor Factions:
The background simulation is what runs minor factions at all the different systems, this is currently broken and has been since the 1.4 update.  However, once it is working we will be pushing Angeli Imperial Enterprises (AIE).  AIE is our faction that we got into the game, so it means a lot to us, we created them, the back story and the leader (Argon Armrend).

We will do this by trading into and out of Nelder City, completing missions for AIE in the bulletin board and handing in any trade/exploration data at Nelder City.  In turn, this will increase their influence and eventually lead them to expansion.  They will then reach out into another system and we will have 2 of them to run.  It will be the same deal in the new system.

Have a look at the MISSION STATUS TAB at the top right of this page for our current goals.  This will update as and when required, so if you’re ever in any doubt as to what to do, that will tell you. 🙂

There will be other ‘minor goals’ as we go down the line, we will let everybody know when we have them.

Hope this helps, don’t forget to add us in game and get on teamspeak when you can it makes things a lot easier for us all 🙂