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i still think that powerplay is something you should consider, when you have about 50 – 150 millions … before that … its just a bit pointless …

I did find it was pretty hard to get much done at all, it’s not very enticing for new players to get 1k for a trip across the universe and back, when you could have just traded some biowaste to the next terminal for the same profit.


I disagree.  Undermining in power play, while nowhere near as lucrative as one of the more mundane activities like trading, is still very fun and easily accessible early on.  I have an Anaconda, yet for undermining I exclusively use my little 5M credit Courier.  You could outfit a long-ranged, self sustaining PvE Courier very early.  Then all you need to do is blow up fed transport ships.  Fun!

EDIT:  It is also worth mentioning that undermining gets you a quick 30 Powerplay Vouchers for each ship you take out!  As opposed to the measly 1 PP Voucher from preparation, expansion or, fortification.  Although that may just be the soft, kind hearted, “Love thy Federal Neighbor” me speaking.

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