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Intel Report

Kamito is a High Tech/Refinery system with a population of 18.2 Million
Kamito was formerly held but the Kamito Patrons Principles, an Imperial Patronage, from control station Newcomb Hub

It would appear the Traxus Industries an independent registered corporation has usurped control of Newcomb Hub and Kamito.
Traxus Industries has no current holdings outside Newcomb Hub but is in the process of preparing to expand to a new system

There is no indication of any Federation of Alliance involvement in this usurpation.

Kamito Patrons Principles on the other hand also has significant influence in Heverduduna, a Federal Democracy, but hold no stations there.


I have made a request for clarifications on the inaccuracies presented in the initial request for military aid.


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It is someone else’s player minor faction that we are being asked to help remove from the map, and it isn’t a Federation Player Group.


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