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yep. im interessted in the implifications.

  1. carry around your frieds .. jea .. no … i dont know … do we want that? fly a condor just to be able to have a little bit of battlestar galactica feeling? i dont know.
  2. fly it yourself … phu … do we leave an conda to enter a fight with a sidewinder? well .. ahm … i would not.
  3. NPC mercenaries. in a lot of games it is possible to hire a gun-for-hire … i dont see a reason it could not be done here. to have an condor around could be quite a nice thing. (but if there are mercenaries … wouldnt it be better to hire … say … a vulture?)
  4. the place for the ship … if you carry a fighter, you might lose 100 – 300t’s of cargo space … this might be a darn big downside (if we are thinking ‘trader’).
  5. leaves some kind of special vehicles … but there as far as it looks .. there is nothing lika a ‘planet observer mini ship’ planed

so … i have the strangest feeling that this will be the chapter next to mines: great idea, but not very attractive …

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