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Keep in mind that the Anaconda, Corvette, Cutter and, Gunship all have a hangar bay pre-installed.  I have been following this closely and what I have divined so far is;

Fighters are designed to compliment, not hinder a trading style of gameplay.  FDev has said that  since in larger ships which have been outiftted for trading (such as an Anaconda) have low maneuverability and generally lower firepower, carrying a fighter would help to compensate.

It is reasonable to assume that the Anaconda, Corvette, Cutter and, Gunship are all capable of carrying fighters due to the presence of the standard hangar door on all of these ships.  Perhaps it may be possible to upgrade other ship (Type 9 for instance) to carry fighters as well?

Also.  FDev has confirmed that you will be able to fly your own fighter.  They have also confirmed that you will be able to send an AI to do it for you while you stay in the carrier.  Based on David Braben’s comments in the recent Q&A, I doubt that you will need to hire such an AI.  I believe they will be default.
Additionally, FDev confirmed that, to a greater or lesser degree, an AI can control your ship while you are in your fighter.  As to the quality of this AI?  That is left to be seen.

As to hired NPC wing men? David Braben also addressed this in the recent Q&A saying that this would be coming later down the road for E:D and there is no current time frame.

I seriously suggest you look at what FDev has already posted about these topics.  It has satisfied my curiosity since Horizons was announced.  I am impressed with any developer who can do that.


Link to the Braben Q&A last night:

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