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TriariiAngel of Discovery
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Aye, i am indeed a double dipper XD

How does it feel in comparison? Completely different.
The devs are targeting 2 completely distinct atmospheres and game styles, each with their own merits.

Ignoring the fact that SC is still in early alpha and we can only fly around on small 9km maps going PEW PEW at each other, i quite like the flying style, which is a lot faster than Elite (at least in the small single seaters), on the other hand, i like the heavy feel of Elite as well.
One of the big selling points of SC is also the Multi-crew ships, so it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.

I will still love E:D though, and suspect i will be playing this for quite a while.

Only thing i can say is don’t fall into the “GOTTA OWN ALL SHIPS” trap that some people who sinks 1000’s of dollars into the store… Every ships will be purchasable in game for in game currency, if you want in, buy the $45 Aurora starter pack and wait for the game to launch…

Overall i am a fanboy of both, and i hail any and all opportunities for the Space Sim genre to come back!