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Tax? how does that work?? I was not aware of that?

Hmmm, I’d never heard of the tax either.  Between this and FD ‘hiding’ and/or reducing the locations where one can purchase an Anaconda, I’d say FD are trying to:

  1.  Sneakily nerf trading as an attempt to balance earnings across the four general activity streams (trade/bounty/mining/piracy)
  2. Severely slow the rate of people upgrading good ships with good equipment
  3. Make a well kitted Anaconda almost as hard to obtain for new players as Elite combat ranking
    1. Which would make the promised “Corvette” almost impossible to obtain within a reasonable timeframe

We should vociferously protest this tax with FD!

If the tax is across all trade items, then FD are saying: don’t upgrade the T9 beyond default cargo capacity of 200T.  Which is as good as FD saying: “The T9 was a mistake, we’re making it redundant.  By the way, we’re introducing the Lynx Bulk Carrier as a playable ship, but it will be next to useless as a money earner – haha!”

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