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      Hello my name is VirDeBello, I stumbled across your website looking for guides and info on PowerPlay and overall info to become a better pilot. I’m neutral across the board in terms of rank except for my trade rank which is at Merchant. I’m currently at SPOCS 900 just mining and smuggling. I’m on the east coast of the US and my game hours vary.

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      SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
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      Hi VirDeBello,

      Welcome to the site, feel free to add some of us ingame and join the DaMorgs group if you like.  As you probably already know we’re all Imperial.  We have a few US based players so there should always be somebody on when you are.

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      Welcome aboard!

      You’re joining at a momentous time – as Angeli start on their way to becoming a power in their own right!

      A few of us here are known ‘smugglers’… although transporting biowaste to Hudson space for ejection in their stations probably doesn’t count as true smuggling… 😉



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