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      Hi everyone,

      I don’t know how to apply here because like you said its not guild or a clan but a huge group, a community ? 😉 Anyway I’m looking forward to share my few gaming times in Elites D with you guys. To enjoy the open, act as one when we do activities. To evolve in our systems, expand them etc.
      Lets see the possibilites of the futur powerplay update together if we can play together.

      I play Elite since his release, slowly but surely 😉 now Im moving to the “open”.
      Im feeling ready, for the moment I just have my Type-6, Viper and Vulture (empire rank Master~).
      I like doing all activites in game, I was much more a trader at the beginning and after explorer, now both with bounty hunting in asteroid belts.
      Also because Im living in South korea I have a huge gap time zone for play with you maybe but If you are not online its okay, I will just pursue our common goals while you sleep guys ^^
      So I should join Reed Port in Wangal and your group ? How Can I join it ?

      Anyway nice to meet you guys, thx for reading my introduction

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      SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
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      Hi Geoffroy,

      Welcome to the Angeli.  As luck would have it we had another person join us last night from Thailand, so he will be in a similar timezone to you.

      The best thing for you to do would be to come down to Wangal and start meeting up with all the other guys there.  We have a teamspeak channel too, so you can jump in with them.  Many of us are shift workers so they will most likely always be somebody on with you.

      Once again, welcome and we hope you enjoy your time with us.

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      Rank: Triarii

      Welcome CMDR.

      We have a possible war coming and I think we will need all the help we can get. Them bugs are coming.

      Omnes Virgo triumphat imperator!

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