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      AvatarCMDR OJ191
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      Courier looks to be fast, manoeuvrable, and is sexy as hell.

      Now to start grinding master rank (I’ll probably have the credits by the time I get there, I havn’t done any rank grinding lol!)

      Provisional build if anyone who owns a courier wants to comment. Bulkheads are bloody heavy and overrun thruster and fsd optimals,5wc4yH4yH0_g0_g0Wg3wU,2-6Q4s4s1k4s3w5A,7Pc13q7dq7dq12G9ok

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      SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
      Rank: Senator

      Be buying mine when I get home.

      Now to find out how to leave work early…..

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