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      PrincipesSilver Angel
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      what do we do just conflict zones and when?

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      AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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      Given the next highest ranked minor faction in HIP 20199 is also Empire, we’ll not likely get a civil war in this system in the short term.  There currently is no official armed conflict in HIP 20199.

      If you want to shoot things to help AIE in HIP 20199, then bonds / bounties from elsewhere cashed in at Fabricius Vision in HIP 20199 works great.  When there are no missions for AIE in HIP 20199,  I usually go to HIP 19758, then go to the most lethal RES at the second planet (not far from primary star), then come back to Fabricius and cash in the bounties.

      If there’s a civil war in Wangal involving AIE or Wangal Energy Partners, we’d want to support them.

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      Pretty much what BvS said.  Alternatively, if you want, you can play System Security in either system and cash in those bounties in HIP 20199.

      Basically just interdict and kill anything wanted or marked as enemy if you Power Play.

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