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      Avatarjack holdran
      Rank: Foederati

      CMDR Jack Holdran hailing from Paesi:

      I’m not a member of AI myself, but I’d always gladly help the Imperial cause. While I’m doing pretty ok solo, the vastness of galaxy requires cooperation with others if one wants to make a difference. As  such, I would like to offer my services to any members of AI that might need some help. I’m usually somwhere around Paesi or Orannika, but I don’t mind travelling. I prefer combat missions, but I can do escort etc too. Currently I’m trying to flip systems as it gives  both rank and credits (bare naked ASPs don’t stand well against multiple opponents…), so I could help with ones you might need to. Finally I’m just going to mention that I don’t have a problem with getting my hands dirty in any system that is not under Imperial control.

      I apoligize if this is a not right place to post it.


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      SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
      Rank: Senator

      Hello, you actually just summed up exactly what we do.  You’d fit right in here.

      Feel free to hang around Wangal and the surrounding systems, you’ll see us flying around there.  We’re currently Patreus aligned, however, if the ability (which has been mentioned) comes to align with a minor faction we already have one that we will go with.

      Make sure you say in the ‘verse! 🙂

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      Avatarjack holdran
      Rank: Foederati

      I found AI through Patreus’ subreddit links 🙂 I liked the ethos and the challenge of low position. I’m sure we will turn it around soon. Guess it’s time to start making friends with factions around Wangal.

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      CenturionAngel of DeathAngel of Mercy – Participating in a AI relief mission.Angel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
      Rank: Centurion

      Hi Jack, it’ll be good to see another Imperial face around.

      The ASP is one of my favourite ships, that 20DPS and solid hull (with the 5D hull reinforcement package) is mint for combat, no one expects the ASP 🙂

      We are working with Wangal Energy Partners at the moment.

      Look forward to winging up in game.

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