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      In this this morning’s Newsletter Frontier announced the beta for Powerplay will begin on the 20th May for those with beta access.

      They also gave us a look at how the galaxy map will look with Powers filtered to display:

      Sort of reminds me of political maps of Europe from a few centuries ago. A power might control one large area and then a few small spheres of influence within or near the areas of other powers, that’s if I’m reading the colours correctly (looking at the orange/ochre looking power in particular).

      I remember reading in the Powerplay AMA that Power’s would find it harder to expand the further they get from their “capital”. I wonder if each of the large dots is a system considered the capital of a region of space? Not long until we find out I suppose!

      *be sure to take a look at the link to their Vine feed, it shows the map rotating in 3D

      [EDIT]: added a link

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